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I used to workout often by myself but I was getting no results. I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough and I was getting bored with my workouts. So I decided to try Fire Child Fitness and I love it! Milica has been my training since June 2010 and I have seen awesome results! I’m gaining strength, losing inches and my energy levels are way up! I’m actually excited to go workout now whereas before I was struggling to make myself workout. Milica is always there to encourage and motivate me, my workouts are very challenging and fun, and I even get to workout in the privacy of my own home! Fire Child Fitness is a professional, positive, fun environment that inspires you to reach your fitness goals!

Stacy Dunbar

I have been a fitness client of Milica’s for the past 2+ months and I have nothing but the best to say about her and the program. The workouts were challenging yet doable with her motivation and positive support. They left me feeling encouraged, motivated and full of energy.

In this time I have lost inches off my chest, waist and hips and I am very happy.

I would highly recommend Milica as a personal fitness trainer.

Erin Basso